About Us


This site was developed and is maintained by Prof. David C. Berry of Thomas M. Cooley Law School Auburn Hills Campus and the students of the Cooley Law School Student Intellectual Property Law Association (“SIPLA”). Our goal is mostly academic: The most effective way to learn about intellectual property law in general, and specifically the litigation of IP disputes, is to monitor, evaluate, and comment on actual disputes snaking through our courts. Our goal is partly service to the profession: A readily-accessible, timely, unbiased source of information about current local IP litigation issues is likely to be of assistance — or at least of interest — to attorneys and other legals professionals who practice in those fields.

Thanks to Our Supporters

This blog is supported by Cooley students and the SIPLA student group, which provides student volunteers to review dockets, write case summaries, and maintain the blog.  We also gratefully acknowledge Bloomberg LLP, which provides legal research support though www.bloomberglaw.com and the Bloomberg Law service (which explains the parallel cites to “20nn BL nnnnnn).”


This site and its contents are not an official publication of the Thomas M. Cooley Law School, are not a source of information about Cooley or its programs, and are not a presence of Cooley for any purposes whatsoever. If you are seeking information on Cooley, please visit the law school Website.

Editorial Policy

Our goal is to report on recent, notable developments affecting IP litigation in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan. Since we do not represent clients, we have no axe to grind. Our goal is to provide timely, accurate, and unbiased reports of court decisions, orders, and other current events. We also plan to disseminate information of interest to the local IP bar, including professional announcements and plugs for upcoming programs, seminars, and other IP-related events.